Oscar-Worthy Beauty Cheats


Maybe she’s born with it? Probably not. Even the actress blessed with natural beauty relies on some artificial backup 

No, her hair did not grow 12 inches since she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last month. She’s wearing a clip-on hairpiece to create that scene-stealing updo. 

Batting a Thousand
Those thick lashes she flutters during her tearful acceptance speech didn’t come from any magic mascara wand—they’re falsies, so you can stop envying her now. 

Stuck on You
Her confidence about not giving an accidental peep show comes from ultra-adhesive wig tape placed strategically along the plunging neckline. 

Smooth Operator
It wasn’t a crash diet or extra trips to the gym—she’s got Spanx to thank for her instantly flat stomach, slim thighs, and boosted booty. 

Walk This Way
Using sandpaper to gently scuff the leather pads of her new heels helps maintain her self-assured strut on the red carpet and the stage.

Illustration by Maurice Vellekoop