One Night, Four Events: Fashion, Fancy Cars, Make Overs and Almodovar


Every invite I had received over the transom for the past few weeks was for some event that was happening last night.  You just can’t go to them all, right? Well, I decided to give it a go.

5:23: Make Up For Ever Boutique Preview, (Robertson Blvd.)

I arrived late, because I can’t get anywhere in this town on time. After touring the facilities and hearing about the cosmetic company’s super cool and affordable make up lesson/ recording studio concept (see separate post), I was given a quick lesson by a pro and learned a few tips that I had never been told by any makeup artists before (and I’ve picked the brains of many during fashion photo shoots over the years). Now, expertly contoured and pouty-lipped, I hobbled in my platform pumps to the parking garage to race to the next event.

6:45: Seven For All Mankind Spring/Summer Preview, SOHO House, (Sunset/Doheny)

Thrilled to hand the keys to a valet (and not have to walk too far), I got in the elevator and headed straight for the 7 For All Mankind Spring/Summer preview. The room with a view was filled with chatty women sipping wine, nibbling on tiny sweets, while a forlorn DJ spun some records in a corner. A single rack of jeans and a few pair of shorts sat a bit unceremoniously in the middle of the room, though a mannequin in a pair of ikat-printed jeans tried to create some drama standing above flickering candles wrapped in the same prints as the denim line and bolts of the same fabric attempted to tie the vignette together. Even cocktail napkins featured the same ikat prints. The publicist later confirmed that the denim company had the napkins custom made and explained that the event was merely designed to introduce the prints and that the full collection would be unveiled sometime in December. Mission accomplished, onwards…

7:45: Pedro Almodovar Book Signing,Taschen, (Beverly Blvd.)

Pedro Almodovar was signing advanced copies of his new book The Pedro Almodovar Archives and a brief Q & A was to take place between Antonio Banderas and the director. The line was down the block, and even when you scuttled up to the front of the shop, the sound did not carry well in the narrow space. So it was less a mingling celebratory party and more like a standing in line party, which is totally not fun (especially in high heels). Those who had, like the man on line in front of me, pre-ordered their copy of Almodovar’s book had no choice but to wait and trudge toward the back of the shop, where the director sat signing copies. The 405 at 6 pm moved faster than that line. And not an Almodovar muse in sight, the crowd was comprised mainly of sweater-wearing film buffs with a lot of patience.  I was the only woman on the verge… of dying of boredom. So off I went to the final event of the evening.

8:55: The Luxury Review: featuring eco-luxe, The Peterson Automotive Museum, (Fairfax and Wilshire)

The mainly (and manly) cigar-loving, jet-flying and expensive-automobile-owning crowd confused me. And when I thought about it, so did the whole notion of an eco luxury expo in a car museum. Turns out, one small section of the event was dedicated to “eco luxe” products, but I’d say even most of those booths were a stretch, laser facials? Not sure what was sustainable about that, maybe sustaining youth? Lifesource Water and a solar panel company were the only two out of the six vendors that I’d say were truly eco luxury. A cute wooden watch company was sort of eco friendly, they plant a tree for every watch purchased, but I wouldn’t say the style of the timepiece was particularly luxe. So, it wasn’t until a woman at a jewelry booth emphasized to me while pointing to the goods on her table “everything here is for sale, tonight” that I realized the event wasn’t really an expo, to spread knowledge about sustainable products to the press or to local buyers who could stock the items locally, it was about making a quick sale, direct to a curated group of wealthy individual consumers. It was, essentially, a high-end flea market in a car museum.

 And with that, my evening of event hopping came to an end, my pout had vanished, and I was finally able to kick off those heels…