On Trial: Koh Gen Do Pressed Powder

We may have a new powder-puff competition winner

Powders suck. Let’s face it: Powder, which is supposed to be a full face pick-me-up, can end up cakey, ashy, and even clumpy depending on its quality and your skin type. This isn’t some screed on how I expect every pressed powder to have the superpower to render my skin flawlessly perfect like the kind you see in overly airbrushed ads, but I do hold the product to a high standard; it should set BB cream or foundation, prevent high noon shine, and soften the appearance of my face for the day.

If you’re looking for the same, pop by Barneys to try the Koh Gen Do Maifnshi Pressed Powder ($63); a two-toned ingénue that is designed by the cult Japanese brand for high definition appearances. First off, the split-pan powder isn’t gimmicky. Yes, it looks light and it’s ice-cream pink, but don’t worry: its two difference shades are meant to brighten the skin—even mid tone ones like mine—and add depth without that flat matte effect. Five types of ultra fine powders, light reflecting pearled mica, and naturally moisturizing botanicals (like shea butter and ceramides) went into the making of this power, which is encased in a sleek black compact.

Does it meet my ridiculously picky checklist? Yes. The sheer coverage is soft and doesn’t get chalky (those that do can emphasize the very tiny lines you’re trying to conceal). It doesn’t dramatically even skin tone, but it does easily hide imperfections—just use an oversized fluffy powder brush to apply and keep the puff on hand for touch-ups throughout the day. Plus: the powder did extend my BB cream’s wear without giving me ghost face even after a second application to absorb shine from my T-zone. The very best part? The powder won’t alter the color of your foundation, making it a true pro product.