ON TRIAL: Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream


T.O.E. – Tested on Editors. We try a beauty product to see if you should pass or purchase…

A few years ago my allergy doc recommended I try mineral make-up because my skin turned red and broke out within hours of trying something it found sub-par. I had actually stopped using make-up because it was painful. Mineral make-up worked. Buh-bye ouchy skin. When jane iredale’s Smooth Affair Facial Prime & Brightener and Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream arrived, I gave it a spin thinking if powder mineral make up worked, this must be the next step. BB creams have been popular in Asia (Korean soap actresses swear by them) and started trickling in to the US this year—BB stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm” and are supposed to be kind of one-stop—claiming to do a lot. I’ve tried the primer and balm a month, here’s the scoop …

 I have been using them together (you can also use the products separately) with great results. The primer smells yummy like grapefruit/honeysuckle and makes your skin feel …well…smooth and fantastic. I use a moisturizer under it. Then comes the BB cream. The first time I try it I put a big dab on my palm and rub (thinking it is like tinted moisturizer). I put on way too much. Since it is a brightener my shocking matte white face screams … Kabuki theatre. I dab and wipe and I can’t get it off my hands—adheres like paint. Next time I use a make-up wedge and a lot less product. When it sets, this stuff looks like a candy-coating on my face but lets it breath. The claims to cover blemishes (check), improve complexion (check), minimizes pore (check, really well), minimize fine lines and wrinkles (well…). I like it because it looks good all day (never need to reapply) and has been staying put even as I sweat out the 100 degree heat. There also isn’t any oil in it so no shiny face or need for powder to set it.

Sign me up, Jane.

Verdict: Purchase!

Both products retail at $48 at janeiredale.com.