Found: The Perfect Concealer for a Foundation-Free Summer


I have three rules for summer: get to Summerland every Sunday morning for a quick beach hike, SPF every exposed inch of my skin, and skip the foundation as often as possible. In place of a full face I opt for a good concealer, as needed. I’m not looking for one that works miracles and makes my face seem like it has a Photoshop finish. But, allergies and late summer nights do bring about the occasional seasonal dark circles, and Ellis Faas Concealer ($40) is what I’ve been reaching for to banish them.

A pin-sized amount spreads and blends so easily that the high-tech, bullet-like pen will likely last a year. A tiny bit goes a very long way and its lasting power may be the best of any concealer I’ve tried. It’s a thinner, liquid formula that never gets runny and instead has a creaminess to it. Easily blended with the included brush or fingers, it looks amazing and natural on the skin while still giving flawless coverage. The biggest pay-off: it doesn’t give any photo flashback, making it Instagram-friendly.