Om Em Gee: A Lululemon Flagship Opens in Santa Monica Today

The active wear behemoth says Namaste to L.A. with a new location

You are cordially invited to go “breathe with” Lululemon at their brand new location in Santa Monica, opening today at 10 a.m.

Located at 1457 Third Street Promenade at Broadway, the 5,766-square-foot site is being billed as a flagship for the yoga-tinged activewear brand (the first one in the U.S., no less). Considering the inaugural Lululemon store opened in Santa Monica in 2o03, choosing the seaside city for this larger spot is apropos.

“L.A. is an epicenter of yoga, health and fitness,” says Lululemon spokesperson Colleen Angeles. “Sweating is a lifestyle here. Our technical athletic apparel is created for these sweaty pursuits, and we knew that [Santa Monica] was the perfect place for our first U.S. Flagship.”

What’s more, Lululemon is taking steps to expand their market: fitness-minded men will find a safe haven in the store’s “Man Cave,” which has been “designed to cater to male shopping preferences.” While the ways in which male shopping preferences differ from female ones are unclear (save for the fact that most men prefer not to shop at all), we’re eager to discover the amenities of this newly founded yoga frat—free beer? The glaring absence of the color pink? Only time will tell.

The company will be celebrating their West Coast Mecca with various events throughout the week, including a party in the Man Cave at 2 p.m. tomorrow, a Local Artist’s Day on Friday, November 28, an invitation to a post-Black Friday breathing event on Saturday, November 29 (see: the first line of this post), and more. For a full rundown(-ward facing dog) of the festivities, visit the store’s Facebook page.

This article has been updated for accuracy.