Night Vision: Capturing Fashion After Dark


My friend Lee had asked me to join her to check out a band playing downtown. That’s all I knew—band, downtown.  Turns out there were many bands performing—we arrived in time to catch Tall Pall (with Cayal and La Porscha) and Ariel Pink’s GF Geneva Jacuzzi. And “downtown” was more specifically, a barb-wired enclosed empty lot outside of Night Gallery, in no man’s land. It was 6:30 pm by the time we got there. Though I felt a bit overdressed for the gallery’s festival fundraiser which had been going on all day, there were a lot of artsy-fashion types in the crowd, each with a strong sense of personal style. Click through the slideshow above, captions are below:

1. Tall Paul jams while cute boys in cool shades look on.

2. Crowd snapshot: top knots, not just for girls

3. Audrey (left) was schoolgirl chic in her mary jane shoes and varsity jacket. Didn’t catch the gal’s name in the middle but her use of a shirt dress as a jacket is a look I plan to steal. I also dug her boots and accessories. We met Tommy and Marlon (right) around a fire pit outside the gallery. Tommy’s chinos and blazer with pocket square was the right mix of preppy casual, while Marlon in his cuffed blue jeans seemed to channel Marlon Brando in The Wild One. And I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a coincidence.

4. Courtney Lynn Garvin (left) is Geneva Jacuzzi’s sister. She’s an artist and jewelery maker. We spotted Flavie and Clayton Webster, designers of Cerre (middle) looking impossibly cool as always. And didn’t get the name of the gal on the right, I ran into her in the gallery and her urban safari ensemble stood out.

5. Geneva Jacuzzi, L.A.’s answer to Lady Gaga (think less pop, more true grit) was the headliner of the evening.

Night Vision is senior editor Linda Immediato and photographer pal Leland Ettinger‘s joint voyeuristic venture to scope out the style scene at various happenings around town.