New York Fashion Week Highlights: LA Designer Barbara Tfank


LA Designer Barbara Tfank brings some sunshine to NY Fashion Week

 Barbara Tfank was a costume designer for major motion pictures in Hollywood before launching her own label in 2001 and she often references classic films, or film stars in her designs.  For her fall 2012 collection, she took her inspiration from a photography term that’s often used on movie sets— “the magic hour” or “golden hour,” is that moment just before the sun sinks below the horizon when everything is washed in an amber glow. Tfank, who has designed red carpet dresses for the likes of Uma Thurman and Grammy winner Adele (and, First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of her pieces to this year’s State of the Union), decided on an early ‘60s silhouette, with strong shapes and rich structured fabrics like thick satin and heavy brocades.