New this Month: We Spy Exciting New Eye Creams

Just-launched products from La Prairie and AmorePacific caught our eye and transformed our skin

Eye creams are for me what Manolo Blahnik shoes were to Carrie Bradshaw. Whenever a new one launches, I jump at the chance to repair the damage I’ve done to my skin with irresponsible dieting, the occasional glass of vino, and my failure to ever get as much as eight precious hours of sleep. If the launch heralds a new ingredient I’ll shell out a sizable chunk of change on a tub promising the appearance of youth and brightness. Advanced technology? I’ll embrace the slather and go through a jar of gel in mere weeks.

The year, two spring releases caught my eye and ended up in my beauty cabinet. Both have hefty price tags but are worth the splurge.

La Prairie’s Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream ($225) employs a patent-pending blend of snow algae and two so-called “survivalist plants,” saxifraga oppositifolia and soldanella alpine, which thrive in the extreme conditions of Dom Mountain in the Alps. Combining it with White Bird of Paradise and stem cell extracts creates an anti-aging jackpot that boosts hydration and stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process. The time machine of a cream feels almost whipped in texture and is so lightweight and gentle it reduces crinkles and leaves healthier-looking skin in its wake instantaneously. Using just a dab of the pearly white cream before applying makeup made me look like I drank gallons of water.

Serums are often recommended for use beneath eye creams since doubling up the protection reduces sun damage, which makes dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles look worse at night. AmorePacific Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence ($95) comes in a nifty rollerball that massages the skin around the eye to increase circulation and relax the area, thereby decreasing puffiness. Every time I rolled it on, its circulation-boosting caffeine helped de-puff my skin while hyacinth extracts refreshed my laptop-weary eyes. A few drops of the stuff did the job without messing with my make-up.