These Earrings are Perfume in Disguise

A new line of 18K gold fragrance jewelry keeps you smelling as smashing as you look

Kilian Hennessy (the debonair founder of the niche fragrance brand ByKilian and the grandson of founder of LVMH) is turning wearable fragrances into something jewelry lovers will covet: a scented collection of earrings plus a ring and bracelet available in 18K gold or rhodium. Within each item from the The Jewels of L’Oeuvre Noire ($250 – $350) line, a “K”-engraved ceramic is hidden discreetly inside a perforated metal ball that gently releases wafts of perfume and can be re-scented with any of Kilian’s 35 fragrances. “This stone can be reapplied with your perfume all year long, as it is porous,” explains Hennesy.

The jewelry meanwhile reminds me of an age when people would commission custom-made pieces with unmatched craftsmanship; say from Cartier in the 1920s, when minimalistic lines were becoming the preferred style for baubles. Each piece would be made-to-order for some (likely famous) patron, with her backstory serving as inspiration for the design.

As a result of Hennessy’s artistic sensibility (he designed each piece himself) and his highly intellectualized passion, the collection is quietly elegant in form and function. “Hopefully, creating scented jewelry will show that we can do more exciting things in the world of perfume than body lotions and shower gels. Wearing your scent through a jewelry piece changes your relationship to it,” he says. “You don’t have the aggression of spraying alcohol on your skin! It is a much softer, more delicate and beautiful way to wear your favorite scent.”

Intrigued? Monsieur Hennessy will be available at the Kilian counter of Saks Beverly Hills on November 20 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to help visitors select new fall scents to pair with his pieces.

Kilian Hennessy
Kilian Hennessy

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