Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Molly Sims


Still stumped on what to get mom for Mother’s Day? Actress/model Molly Sims, expecting her first child, a baby boy, in June, gives us her top ten Mother’s Day gift ideas— and they’re really awesome. “The best thing about my mom,” says Sims in her Kentucky drawl, “is that growing up she was a mom. I wanted her to be a friend, but she was a mom. She was strict and hard on me but I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. And now, she’s not only my mom, she’s my single best friend.” Sims will appear on Ellen later this afternoon and give Sleep Number beds to the 400 expecting women making up the audience at today’s taping. “I swear by my memory foam bed,” she says. “When my feet swell, I can put my legs up. I bought my mom one too.”

1.)   “Mom” charm by Helen Ficalora. I think they’re super cute!

2.)   I love a bag. I bought my mom this amazing fuchsia Coach bag. It’s fun and gives a punch of color.

3.)   I live in my hoop earrings. You can get them longer or shorter for your mom; she will totally love them.

4.)   I’m obsessed with Tom Ford’s coral lipstick. It’s so pretty, the new pink.

5.)    Love the striped t-shirts they have at J.Crew. The navy blue striped top would look great with white jeans. Super fun.

6.) I just got married, so I’m giving my mom a picture of the two of us for Mother’s Day. It’s ten times better than chocolates. She’ll love that you took the time to frame it and send it. I also sent her a framed one of my sonogram.

7.) I’m also a scarf girl. Sure, you can go the Hermes route, but I love the ones at Theodora and Callum, especially their ikat prints and you can wear them as a scarf or as a sarong. They look great on your bang or around your waist. They’re just awesome.

8.) You can make your mom her own perfume, use jojoba oil as the base and add jasmine, lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, or rose oils. You can find them at any health food store.

9.) Another great thing you can do is donate to a charity or sponsor a child on your mother’s behalf. My mother and I have done it over the years.

10.) A massage or a foot rub, or a gift certificate to her favorite spa. Every woman loves to be pampered. Mom’s not going to turn that down.