Michelle Phan Does “Lady of the Dead”


Tomorrow marks the 15th annual Dia de Los Muertos event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Each year hundreds of locals come together to embrace and celebrate the ancient Mexican tradition of honoring the dead. They dress in extravagant calaca (skull or skeleton) costumes and create elaborate altars brimming with offerings for the deceased. Attendees are  treated to live music, art shows, and dance performances.  Since the theme of this year’s event is quinceañera, we thought an amazing day of the dead makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan (who recently told us how she went from art school dropout to beauty mogul) was in order. Phan is known for her startling transformations—and her step-by-step tutorials which teach viewers how to achieve the same results. She even tells you what products and tools you need, and the skills on display in this dramatic how-to-video blew us away. If this inspires you, too, tweet a picture of your Lady of the Dead look to @LAmagstyle and use the hashtag #ladyofthedead.