Melissa McClure

Goldsmith | Age: 34 | Home: Hollywood

Leaving Houston for Hollywood, Melissa McClure became what she calls a “bottom-feeding stylist” on infomercials and music videos. But the necklaces and bracelets she created on the job—semiprecious stones wrapped in gold wire—led her to jewelry design. Aesthetic: “In the ’80s, people were overgolded. For years I didn’t wear it because it was too overstated. But if it’s handcrafted, gold can look delicate. I concentrate on 18- and 22-karat yellow, red, and white gold. Red has a heavier concentration of copper and looks good on almost anybody’s skin.” Occupational Hazards: She has burned and cut her hands and once caught her hair in an electric rotary tool. Says McClure, “Because I’m exposed to toxic chemicals, if I ever get pregnant I won’t be able to work. Not that that’s ever going to happen.” Now Showing At: luxehaus, 1410 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, 310-394-5200; Kaviar and Kind, 8533 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310-659-9523.

Photograph by Beth Coller