Medicine Cabinet Rx: The Best of Today’s Beauty Basics


Some say the medicine cabinet is a dumping ground for the old, the discontinued, even the expired. It’s where moisturizers, toners, exfoliators, wrinkle creams, night creams, and serums go to await an undignified death, that fateful toss into the trash.

But for me, the medicine cabinet is where the very best of my beauty buys get into a regular rotation, are slathered and spritzed freely, and then replenished faster than Trader Joe’s groceries. Yes, I shop around constantly for new trend products on a weekly basis, but it’s the beloved staples that—regardless of price, packaging, and pomp—earn a coveted spot on my small, hidden shelves. Which would those be? Here’s what’s behind my bathroom mirror:


A native Angeleno, Navdeep Mundi is a Leo, hates cilantro, and has studied beauty products for more than 18 years. She spends her days directing media and strategy and her nights sniffing out slightly quirky yet impeccably pretty things along with her German Shepherd, Le Tigre.