Mark Hunter

Photographer | Age: 22 | Home: Hollywood

Hunter makes the kill: “I use a wide lens and I shoot people without asking,” says Mark Hunter, better known by his photoblog name The Cobrasnake. “It’s like a machine gun, where you spray bullets and you’re bound to hit someone.” His candid nightlife snapshots, taken with a Canon digital, have a louche vérité aesthetic descended from heroin chic and American Apparel ads. Baby Facebook: At 18, the Santa Monica High School grad invaded boîtes and posted uncropped, unretouched images to his Web site (then called Polaroid Scene). ”At first I had a hard time breaking in with these people who have elusive hipster lives.” Now the photographer has become a package deal with DJ Steve Aoki, and they’re ?own to events all over the globe by sponsors wanting exposure on his site. The grind: Art shows and advertising jobs have followed, but Hunter still posts new galleries on most nights of the week. “Even when I have girls over, I will entertain them and put them to bed and then spend two hours by myself sorting and uploading photos.” 

Photograph by Todd Selby