Mario Lopez Loses His Pants For Publicity


Beefcake shots of shirtless, hunky men in their drawers is one way to sell underpants… It worked for Calvin Klein when he enlisted Mark Wahlberg (née Marky Mark) and it’s working for David Beckham for his collection at H&M (where they erected 11-foot statues of the soccer player). But, Mario Lopez is going to take it one step further. To promote his line of men’s underwear, MaLo, Lopez plans to march in his skivvies from the set of EXTRA to the Kmart across from The Grove. But he won’t be alone… his “MaLo” Army” of fans will also strip down to their boxers and t-shirts and march with him. The first 300 customers are promised an autographed headshot from the former Saved By The Bell star. The rest will have to make do with getting their photo taken in a booth with a life-size cardboard cut-out of Lopez in his underpants. Those images will automatically be uploaded to MaLo’s Facebook page. We really can’t wait to see those photos…

This spectacle goes down on Thursday, October 4th at 4 pm, at Kmart (across from The Grove), 6310 West 3rd Street (between S Fairfax Avenue & S Ogden Drive)