Marc Friedland

Invitation designer | Age: 46 | Home: Beverly Hills

Writing a letter to his parents on a barf bag, Marc Friedland showed a knack at 12 for out-of-the-box missives. Since 1986, his company, Creative Intelligence, has dreamed up invitations for events ranging from the opening of Walt Disney Concert Hall to Oprah’s 50th. Material World: AstroTurf, wood, silk, transistor tubes, and eight-track tapes are among the materials Friedland has used. But he doesn’t snub embossed cream-colored paper, which he sent out for the opening of the Wynn Las Vegas. Pretty Penny: Invitations cost as little as a few bucks (for a single-color card) and as much as $1,000 apiece (for treasure-hunt booklets). Do Your Notepads Need Branding? Friedland gives households a consistent look, from stationery to coasters to staff uniforms. Don’t Forget the Guests: “Sometimes when people are planning a wedding or big event, they think, ‘me, me, me,’ but the way to make it an amazing experience is to think about your guests’ experience. People are more visually literate than ever, so an invitation can make or break the party.”

Photograph by Beth Coller