Makeup Junkie: Jonesing For Mad Men


I gotta admit my Mad Men withdrawal has seriously been amping up as we approach the premiere of the penultitmate season of the hit TV show on April 7th. 

I had been particularly obsessed with the hair and makeup on the show— specifically, the strawberry-red lipstick shade that looked amazing on everyone from Joan to Trudy. I often tried to mimic Betty Draper’s simple black eyeliner, faux lashes, pouty red lip and matching nail polish. The makeup was all about strong red lips and nails. But now, the look is expected change as the show moves forward in time, (series creator Matthew Weiner admitted to The Daily Beast that the show will “skip ahead in time” and “a lot has changed when the season opens up.”)

How will it change? Judging from the samples that arrived from Estée Lauder, makeup for the show is going more late ’60s and away from the ’50s. This means a flip—this season, expect subtle lips and cheeks with really strong eyes. Think Megan Draper!

This is the second collaboration between the cosmetic company and the television show and once again, the limited edition series (in stores now, through March) features vintage packaging (a really cool Pucci-esque theme). My absolute must-have from this latest collection is the “see-thru blush” —it’s light, so your skin shows through but has enough staying power to give your cheeks a very natural soft rosy-glow.

We interviewed Mad Men‘s award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant about the time shift and how it will affect the look of the show— look for the Q&A in our upcoming April issue, (hits newsstands  March 28th)…