The Magical Beauty Product That Will Totally Transform Your Skin

Wrinkles and freckles and age spots, GOODBYE

I know. That title is basically every title about every new beauty product de rigueur. BUT THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT I SWEAR. 

LA facialist to the (countless) stars, Shani Darden, swears by using a really simple routine for the best skin of your life. So, like every other normal 39 year old who had to have a closet built to house her beauty products, I decided I must know this dark magic for myself, and promptly booked the famous Shani facial. 

Typically, post-facial, ones face looks not unlike it was stung by a swarm of bees while being run over by a wheelbarrow. But, after Shani’s firm, hour-long handiwork, I just looked gorgeous and perfect and young and oh my god what is that serum and oh it’s for sale and it’s YOUR product YES I WILL TAKE ONE OR SIX. 


Photograph courtesy Shani Darden Skin Care

Once my hyperventilation subsided, I discovered that the key, is retinol. Further, the key is something called RESURFACE….by Shani Darden. Now, whenever aestheticians swear by a product they themselves created, it’s hard not to be dubious of their intentions. So….naturally I bought it. To be used nightly along with moisturizer, this retinol product has lightened my dark spots and sun damage and has visibly changed my skin’s texture. I don’t even use foundation anymore. 

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Now it’s the lone wolf of my nightly routine. And every morning I greet the day with fresh and utterly glowing skin. The makeup closet remains. But it needs a thorough dusting.

Ps: Retinol can be potent for those with sensitive skin and even some who aren’t typically sensitive. Shani recommends easing into this product by using twice a week at first and following with a heavy moisturizer. Pregnant or breastfeeding people should not use this product. Please consult reviews and make appropriate investigative efforts to decide if retinol will be right for you. 

Audie Metcalf Ruyle is the Head of Digital Strategy at Los Angeles magazine and Follow her here on Facebook and Instagram. She wrote “Your Local L.A. Gift Guide for 2016.”