Mad Men Yourself: Sally’s “Home Alone” PJs


Yes, as we were reminded this episode, Sally Draper is still a child. So maybe it’s a little weird that we liked her pjs so much. But modesty and innocence has its appeal when it comes to lingerie and loungewear, especially in these days of Teen Mom backdoor sex tapes. Not everyone wants to get all Agent Provocateur when going to sleep, so we tracked down a few styles that borrow from the youthful, sweet, and feminine vibe of Sally’s pajamas, but have a slightly more grown up spin. Click through the slideshow above to see the options we found at L.A.-based  undrest. Go to the website link for similar looks with a wider range of modesty levels.


 Season 6 “Mad Men Yourself” Archive:

Megan’s “What She Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Her” Tunic
Megan’s “Mission Accomplished” mini

Peggy’s “Movin’ On Up” Ensemble
Megan’s “Indecent Proposal” Shift
Trudy’s “Ruin You” Shirtdress
Megan’s Crochet Mini