Mad Men Yourself: Megan’s “Mission Accomplished” Mini


When Megan confided in her mother that Don has been distant, her mother advised her to “stop dressing like his wife” stating “the only thing he should be thinking about during dinner is how fast he can get between her legs.” When next we see Megan, she’s seated at a restaurant table with Don, so it’s unclear if she followed her mother’s advice or not— until she gets up to go to the powder room and we discover that she’s left her pants at home. She decided to flaunt her assets in a head turning super mini dress. She’s got legs and she knows how to use them. And based on the sexytime that followed, we’d say she got Don’s attention. I guess, sometimes mother does know best.

The key to getting this look is pretty easy— basically, find a dress, made of gold material, and as little of it as possible. Click through the slideshow above to see some modern takes on Megan’s mod dress from Pencey, Shona Joy, Winter Kate, ABS, and Rebecca Minkoff


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