Mad Men Yourself: Marigold’s Hippie Threads


Finding current looks that match the late ’60s-era vibe of the costumes on Mad Men has been increasingly challenging this season—so much polyester and acrylic crochet. But on Sunday, inspiration arrived in a rather unlikely character. Who could have guessed that Roger Sterling’s spoiled daughter Margaret would undergo such a startling transformation?  The little princess of Park Avenue became “Marigold”—part commune urchin, part Nora from Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Her fringe poncho and maxi skirt feel right at home here in L.A.—minus the dirt.  Click through the slide show above to see a modern day spin on Marigold’s “dirty hippie” chic.

Slide 3: Fringe poncho, maxi skirt (top, right), maxi skirt (bottom)