LOVE is in the Wear: Café Gratitude is Selling Shirts

They’re eco-friendly, naturally

You can now (finally?) order a T-shirt to go with your plate of TRANSFORMED from Café Gratitude. In addition to stickers, books, and other paper products, the vegan restaurant is now selling the Jon Marro-designed LOVE top sported by its serving staff. (According to the café, the unisex shirts have been sought after for some time by diners hankering for the style). We think the tee, which will be available in olive green, white, and burgundy for $28 by Valentine’s Day, is just cool and graphic enough to look good paired with dressed up staples like a printed pencil skirt. (And check out the pic—Jason Mraz approves.) As for sporting what is, essentially, a work uniform? Hey, we are HUMBLE. Just don’t ask us for a side of LIGHT if you see us wearing the look out and about.