Love at First Sight: Theonne’s Nubby Sweater

Rationalizing the purchase of a $300 pullover—in the middle of July

Look, sometimes love just happens. You look across a crowded room (or in my case, a crowded email inbox) and you know at first glance: we would be perfect together. That’s how I feel about this nubby Cressida sweater from Theonne, which came across my radar this morning with the launch of the L.A. brand’s fall preview.  Their women’s clothing is menswear-inspired, which gives the collection a feminine look that’s edgy and not too girly. And sure, I know it’s 10 billion degrees outside, but the chic coziness, loose shape, and light texture is perfect for L.A.’s twilight hour, when temperatures drop from tank top balmy to a relatively chilly 65 degrees. Add to that the fact that most office A.C. systems are cold enough to store a side of beef and suddenly this $298 sweater is a sound investment. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Here, a few more pieces worth lusting after from their fall look book: