Looklist Has Launched


Imagine The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman had a trendier nephew following in his footsteps with bigger ideas—he’d create Looklist, a new site featuring photographs of the world’s best dressed people. A digital curation of only the highest of high-res images (no Insta filters here, people) collected from top bloggers, fashionistas, and street style aficionados, Looklist has nil interests other than sharing an international perspective of pure, unadulterated fashion sense—it’s organized, it’s clear, it’s style

The self-proclaimed “street style inspiration engine” comes with a search option that allows you to sort the images by gender, season, style (preppy + yacht, bohemian, eccentric, classic, skater + surfer, etc.) and can also filter more specific attributes, such as “striped yellow skirts” or explicit hairstyles like “dirty blond bangs.” Say you’re going out to dinner tonight and have a red pencil skirt that has been sitting in your closet because you have no clue what to wear it with. Go to Looklist, filter your options to show all images containing red pencil skirts, and see how dozens of people styled the same look. We’d say ta-da, but voilà seems more chic.