A Look Inside The New, Futuristic Shopping Area in DTLA

One Santa Fe has comic books and coffee with collagen

When you are strolling DTLA’s Arts District you can’t help but notice the Michael Maltzan-designed, quarter of a mile-long, mixed-use behemoth along Santa Fe between 1st and 4th—One Santa Fe. It’s a stark white building punctuated by bright pops of orange, and it looks like the kind of place Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger might be trying to break out of (c’mon, that was a GOOD movie). My favorite part? The shopping and eating part of “mixed-use” dubbed The Yards, which continues to grow underneath the 438 apartments. Here’s some of what they have going on.

A Shop Called Quest

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Photograph courtesy Kari Mozena

This sweet (yes, it is) all things comic book shop just opened a few weeks ago between Café Gratitude and GROW. You can’t help but love a place where you find kindergarteners buying stickers and books to celebrate their first day of school. Every square inch is filled with Funko Pop Bobbleheads (from The Walking Dead to Star Wars), graphic novels, t-shirts, and framed artwork.

Bulletproof Coffee

Photograph courtesy Facebook/Bulletproof

The lifestyle/coffee shop opened in July and is offering a 20% off coupon for their One Santa Fe location right now. Apparently your usual coffee wasn’t working hard enough, but it does here with their CoffeePlus Protein drink— original Bulletproof recipe with collagen and added ingredients like “Brain Octane Oil.” Try their mocha, which in this case is supped up with a ganache-like chocolate. Other add-ons include ghee, because you don’t drink enough clarified butter.


Photograph courtesy Kari Mozena

If you are a gent who wants candles that smell like good cologne, tobacco, or campfire, stop here. The clothing brands they carry include vintage Levi’s, Helmut Lang, Creep by Hiroshi Awai, and BTW Ceramics—because you do eat at home sometimes.

Voyager Shop

Photograph courtesy Kari Mozena

In this SF transplant, kids with helmets were rolling around on scooters while their mother’s tried on minimalistic tops and dresses in black, white, grey, and nude. The ceiling is covered in plants, there is one shelf full of fantastic pool floaties, and the ceramics are all speckled. Check out their FB page for in-store art events.

Hennessey + Ingalls Art & Architecture Bookstore

Photograph courtesy Kari Mozena

Six months ago this primo bookstore closed up its Santa Monica store and moved it here. Smart move considering the number of people in it on a weekend and the architecture school—SCI-Arc—literally across the street. Banksy prints ($200 a pop) cover the back wall, there is every kind of art and architecture magazine in the racks along Santa Fe, and anything you want that is out-of-print is in the back room. They’re hosting a Q&A/book-signing with One Santa Fe architect Michael Maltzan on September 23rd.

EdiBol and AmazeBowls

Photograph courtesy Facebook/Edibol

One Santa Fe is so big and hipster it can support not one, but two bowl restaurants. There’s EdiBol on one end and AmazeBowls on the other. EdiBol has football on the flatscreen, roasted garlic & herb pork hash, shrimp and grits, and amazing pretzel bread grilled cheese. Get within ten yards of AmazeBowls, and you can smell the fresh fruit. This is the popular food truck’s first brick and mortar location, and you can mix and match acai bowls and smoothies.


Photograph courtesy Facebook/Westbound

If acai bowls are too healthy, opt for cocktails instead at this gorgeous little bar and lounge designed to resemble a luxe railcar. The drinks are retro (Planter’s Punch, Sinatra and Chanel) with the appropriate 2016 twists like green mist and smoke. They sometimes partner with neighbor Van Leeuwen Ice Cream for boozy shakes. Little bites like fried pork rillettes are worth the calories. Sorry, they just took the foie ‘n’ waffle off the menu.