Logan Hollowell’s First Fine Jewelry Collection Is Inspired by the Stars

The jewelry designer talks sparkly things and summer trends

Logan Hollowell moved to Los Angeles from North Carolina when she was 17 to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Eight years later she’s launched her first line of jewelry, which is inspired by nature and the vastness of outer space. She showed us the more than 30 pieces in her first collection then told us what makes her tick.

How did you learn how to design jewelry?
I have always studied jewelry design in my own way. While most girls played with Barbies, I played with a box full of gems and costume jewelry.

From the age of 14, I would go to flea markets and scour vintage shops for inexpensive jewelry that I could take apart and rework to make it my own. People started offering me money for those designs, and when I moved to L.A. someone asked if they could wear my jewelry to a red carpet event.

What are some of the challenges of entering the fine jewelry industry today?
I think the greatest fear—which is also a reality these days—is that your designs will be ripped off and copied. People are impulsive and with social media and the Internet it is much easier and faster to find new designs and copy them. I really believe in creative integrity and giving credit where credit is due.

There are many fine jewelry designers in Los Angeles. What makes your brand unique?
It’s the origin of the designs. It was my intention to design a collection that would not only be reminiscent of where I grew up—out in the wilderness and underneath the stars—but that would also take us back to our natural state of being, which is relaxed and peaceful.

I’d like my work to immediately remind people of something or someplace that they treasure and enjoy. The diamond drop necklace for example was designed to look like the night’s sky, with diamonds/stars scattered. The fish earring, which climbs up the earlobe, is a more playful piece, reminding us to be enthusiastic!

How do you recommend wearing your pieces?
They can be layered for a more dramatic look or worn alone by those looking for something delicate and minimalist. That said, I love to layer! Go ahead and pile it on!

So what trends are you into for summer? Which do you want to see come to an end?
Jewelry trends for summer include colored stones and droplet necklaces, which create a sexy look with low tops and bikinis. I’m not a huge fan of earrings that swallow a person’s ear. Just a tip: if an earring is bigger than the palm of your hand, don’t wear it!