Local Style With a Twist: Hamish Robertson’s Griffith Park Trails Scarf

Tie on a little L.A. inspiration

You probably wouldn’t wear a silk scarf on a morning hike through Griffith Park, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear the scenery of Griffith Park tied fashionably around your neck—or head, or wrist, or bag. And we know just the thing.

For his apparel merchandise debut, Vanity Fair editor and Vacation Days artist Hamish Robertson teamed up with Scottish accessories designer Karen Mabon to create a limited-edition scarf inspired by Robertson’s frequent walks through the city’s “untamed backyard.”

According to Robertson, his design process with Mabon involved his documenting the wildlife-filled park, and took about six weeks to complete. The resulting print, complete with the Griffith Observatory, a pack of coyotes, and a mountain lion (like the ones profiled in this November issue longread), is whimsical—and unmistakably L.A. “Upon moving here [from New York] I was struck by the space, the light,” says Robertson. “More than anything there was a reconnection to nature that my wife and I really, really loved. New York is very manicured. But I get the feeling that L.A. long ago conceded to nature.”

Robertson says he’s looking forward to collaborating with more apparel designers down the line, but the next Los Angeles-inspired scarf he’ll be selling with Mabon sounds deliciously chic: It’s named “Taco Night.”

The Griffith Park Trails scarf measures 26″ by 26″. It is available for purchase at Matters of Space, in Highland Park, and for $65 online at Vacation Days.