Lisa Eisner

Curator/book publisher | Age: 50 | Home: Bel-Air

Wild Card: Attending charity galas in feather headdresses, saucer-size pendants, and psychedelic minidresses, Lisa Eisner is the city’s boldest fashion plate. “I don’t mind looking like something you want to put on your altar.” Family Connections: She’s not related to Michael Eisner, but she knows from nepotism. Her father, a former liaison between the State of Wyoming and the media, helped her land an editorial job at Mademoiselle in the early ’80s, which led to Vogue. “I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. But after becoming Paris editor for Vogue, I thought, ‘I’m so over this.’ Fashion at the time was about dictating.” Full Circle: Moving west in the late ’80s inspired a more eclectic personal style—and the idea to start Greybull Press, an imprint that has published work by R. Crumb and Dennis Hopper. “L.A. is where I found my freedom. I thought back to the rodeo queens of Wyoming and realized that you could have flair and style but not be influenced by fashion trends.” Now Showing: Eisner co-curated The Show on Vegas, a photography group exhibition that opens June 28 at M+B Gallery, 612 N. Almont Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-550-0050.

Photograph by Sal Owen