Linda Rodin Wants You to Wash Your Face with Powder

A Q&A with the beauty legend

With her dewy skin, signature chignon of silvery hair, and wide, twinkling eyes (which she frames, always, with thick, colorful glasses), Linda Rodin is stunning. Her face is always make-up free aside from a swipe of bright lipstick, and her skin is enviable.

Before the 67-year-old founded her eponymous skincare line, Rodin, she worked as a model, stylist, art gallerist, fashion photographer, and art bookseller.

Known and loved primarily for its facial oils, the line just launched a facial cleansing powder ($45). It combines granular rice bran with moisturizing sea algae and smells like Jasmine and Neroli.

How do you use it? Pour a dime-size amount of the powder onto damp palms, add a bit of warm water, and massage it into your face as you would any other cleanser. The formula is customizable; you can work it into a putty or apply it as a cream. We asked Rodin about her style, her philosophy on life—and more:

How did you arrive at your very distinct way of dressing?
I’m fairly self critical, so I only want to put together things that are right for me. I don’t necessarily go for the grooviest, newest piece that’s available at the moment.

What words do you live by?
Try and be yourself. Don’t compromise.

How do you feel about tattoos?
I’m not a big fan of tattoos. Having said that, I have two. I got both past the age of 60!

We get a lot of sun and hot weather in L.A., and we’re in the middle of a drought. What beauty products we should be using, beyond SPF?
It’s crucial to keep your skin hydrated.  I prefer oils, because they penetrate the skin more than lotions. And I would stay out of the sun as much as possible—although that’s not easy in L.A.