Lady Gaga’s Pearls


I had read an article in V magazine written by Lady Gaga, where she recounts a trip to Japan and a shopping spree which included a stop at Mikimoto. Her story (which weaves in something about baseball too) really struck me. When I think of Lady Gaga I think of pearls glued to her face, not of a wholesome June Cleaver strand. But I also think of a fearless and strong woman. 

Lady GagaHer story is one of the reasons I reached out to Mikimoto to pull an ombre strand of South Sea pearls for our September Fashion Feature “Power Plays,” where the necklace graced the neck of actress Krysten Ritter. I thought the necklace said classy and powerful, the kind of treasure a successful modern woman would buy for herself—not wait for a man to buy for her.

Here’s the excerpt from Lady Gaga’s V article:

“I don’t equate money with style, nor do I equate it with happiness. I’m often content hiding in the back of places like Claire’s, schlooping costume jewelry into a basket.

However, it just so happened I was in Japan, and I decided to buy myself a strand of Mikimoto pearls. Why wait for a lover to buy you jewelry, lover yourself! After the year Japan had, and the experiences I’d shared with the people there, I thought it would make for a beautiful memory. The staff from Mikimoto arrived, we cracked open some champagne, and my buddy Brandon and I tried pearls on and swooned. I quickly decided that I couldn’t only buy one for myself. I would feel terrible. So I made it about the girls: one for my mother, my gorgeous and talented sister, and Bo, my best friend. It was to be a sign of our womanhood, a thank you for fostering mine, for my sister a sign of things to come, and for my mother a strand of pearls to represent each of the blessings she had cultured for our family over the years.

In fashion and in life we all deserve more pearls, please. When you are changing the way people think, your life achievements are working toward the greatest accessory of all time: nerve. Remember that you are as timeless as the pearls on your neck. And if you forgot to be a lady and wear them, then shame on you.”


Here’s the Mikimoto strand from our September fashion shoot, up close…

Lady Gaga Pearls