Lady Gaga’s Gloves Steal American Horror Story

And complete her Old Hollywood-meets-serial-killer-chic vibe

Now in its fifth season, the latest installment of American Horror Story takes place in Hotel Cortez: a nightmarish, drug-soaked cave that’s decorated with jewel-toned velvet and crystal. For guests, the hotel is teeming with inhospitable risks; rooms are cursed, a murderer named the Addiction Demon is on the loose, and throats are subject to slitting.

Lady Gaga plays an impeccably dressed vampire with Old Hollywood style. She’s drizzled with diamonds and wears vintage gowns by designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood. Her beauty look includes copper eyes lids, grape lips, and invisible eyebrows (which suit her psycho-seductress vibe).

The most important part of the show, both visually and thematically, are Gaga’s gloves, which were designed by Los Angeles jeweler Michael Schmidt. The clawed, silvery hand pieces feature 1,000 Swarovski crystals and can slash anyone (and everyone) apart. Embellished with spiderweb-like metal netting and pewter nails, they’re jewelry, a form of armor, and a weapon all in one. We love the look—and hope it never crawls off the screen.