LA Closet Design Takes on Giuliana Rancic’s Closet


Assembling and accessorizing an outfit in the morning is an art, but keeping things organized in the closet? That’s a science. Lisa Adams holds a Master’s in chemistry from UC Berkeley, but when she caught on to her knack for design aesthetics, she took her algorithms and spreadsheets to create super-efficient organizing systems and launched LA Closet Design in 2007. Most recently, Adams took on Giuliana Rancic’s closet, leaving us with some major organization envy. Adams’ space calculations make a spot for every boot, heel and flat; a slot for every clutch; and a hook for every necklace. We like that everything is in eye’s view without cluttering up the space, while the bar in the middle provides drawers for everything else and a tabletop for perfume and other getting-ready essentials (a morning cup of coffee.) This may streamline Rancic’s morning wardrobe routine, but if it were us, we’d probably end up wasting away the morning lounging in this divine space.