L.A. Artist Desire Obtain Cherish Opens #undertheinfluence Exhibition


Addicted to brand names? In his pop-art pill pack installations, L.A.-based artist Desire Obtain Cherish (Jonathan Paul) likens living for the label to taking drugs, and seals Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent in larger-than-life pill forms under plastic packaging. His first solo exhibition, #undertheinfluence, opens at KM Fine Arts LA Studio with a VIP reception tonight.

Desire Obtain Cherish has a background in design and work experience at an advertising agency, both of which helped mold his aesthetic of bold and direct communication, particularly aimed at consumerism. In short, he likes to ruffle feathers.

Of each sale made at the exhibition, 10% of the benefit will go toward Friendly House, the oldest women’s alcohol and drug addiction recovery program in the country.

The exhibition runs through May 11.