L.A. Blogger Rebekah Steen’s New Flash Tattoo Collection is Beachy Keen

Proceeds from her metallic, jewelry-inspired tats will go toward clean water solutions worldwide

It’s officially time to ditch your DIY wardrobe of flower crowns: the newest accessory for music festivals (or just a day at the beach) are Flash Tattoos, temporary gold and silver skin adornments made to look like high fashion jewelry. You may have seen Beyoncé sporting several at L.A.’s Made in America Festival over Labor Day weekend, where she not only debuted a new short bob but also what appeared to be an armful of bangles. In reality, the metallic rings on her forearm were from the Flash Tattoo line, and just like that, the ornamentation was trending. (Because when Queen Bey wears something, we all wear something.)

If you’re not one for needles, don’t fret: the innovative new brand, which is based out of Austin, Texas, is not a type of metallic ink for permanent tattoos. Rather, it is more like the older, cooler sister of temporary tattoos. The accessory is painless, easy to remove (they last for about a week), and is relatively reasonable (four sheets of various metallic designs for $20). To date, the company has released several collections that cater to all styles. Their Chloe line, which goes for a polished look, features chain bracelets and pendants, and their whimsical Sofia collection offers patterns like peacock feathers and flower petals. The best part about the twinkling jewelry? Its versatility—a necklace can easily be turned into an anklet, and a small bracelet can become a ring and even an earring.

L.A.-based lifestyle blogger Rebekah Steen was commissioned by the company to create their Goldfish Kiss set, an assortment of styles that exude the L.A. vibe. With tattoos fashioned after palm trees, ocean waves, and seashells, Goldfish Kiss creates a beachy, carefree (and glittery) aesthetic for the saltwater loving gal. Steen’s palm tree silhouette was inspired by a real tattoo she has on her forearm, which you can see in the image above. “They are tropical. They make you want to roll around in the sand,” says Steen in her blog. “So, say adios to worrying about losing any beloved bling when surfing, swimming, traveling or canon ball-ing.”

Steen’s designs were so popular that she has released a second line, Goldfish Kiss H20, which has even more beachy designs like starfish and a fish scale armband. What makes the collection even more attractive is its socially entrepreneurial spirit: For every purchase of Goldfish Kiss H20, five percent of the proceeds will go towards Waves for Water, an organization that provides clean water to impoverished areas.

Steen’s designs are available online now.