L.A. Traffic Iconography You’ll Want to Carry

If you can’t beat it, wear it

Do you hate traffic? They say that the best way to overcome your fears is to face them, so the same must be true of getting over the things that bother you—and Anya Hindmarch is here to help. The designer’s newest collection of soft leather bags, wallets, and accessories make light of heavy (traffic) situations.

There’s a traffic cone disguised as a burnt-orange leather tassel keychain, a scarlet mini-clutch emblazoned with a No U-Turn sign, and an enormous Men at Work tote. Hindmarch also made beautiful a Roadwork Ahead icon, a No Cell Phone sign, a Keep Your Distance advisory, a good ol’ Stop Sign, and the dreaded Expect Severe Delays warning.

There’s even an emerald-green handbag charm that looks like one of those throwback, pine tree-shaped air fresheners. We wondered what had happened to those.

Pieces range from $225 for a cardholder to $2,500 for an oversized carryall at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills or here.

Toss one of these beautiful bags in your passenger seat, throw on a great podcast, and make lemonade out of lemons.