L.A.’s Carbon & Hyde Makes Diamonds for Denim Lovers

A Q&A with the sister duo behind the blingy line

The name of the DTLA-based jewelry line Carbon & Hyde derives from the anatomical foundation of diamonds (Carbon), and the rough, unfinished basis of leather (Hyde). It’s a tribute to the concept of wearing fine, diamond-heavy jewelry with casual or tough clothing–jeans, thin T-shirts, leather jackets, and the like. Pairing fine jewelry with casual clothes isn’t a new concept, but it sure doesn’t get old, and it’s very L.A.

The sister designer behind Carbon & Hyde, Yarden and Oren Katz, are adamant their pieces can be worn day in and day out–to bed, to lunch, to work, to galas, and even at magazine shoots. Mindy Kaling wore rings from the company on the cover of our latest issue (in fact, everything Kaling wears in the issue is by L.A.-based designers.)

They took a break from designing to tell us more.

How does living in Los Angeles affect your creative process?
Stylists and style influencers are all around us in L.A.–it’s amazing that we get to connect with these people so easily. We also love that we can be personally connected to all of the L.A. boutiques that sell our jewelry. We show them our new pieces as soon as they come out, and can demonstrate methods of styling our jewelry.

What do you think defines L.A. style?
It’s casual and cool: lots of ripped jeans, vintage tees, and leather jackets. As far as jewelry goes, you’ll see tons of stackable jewelry, denim paired with diamonds, multiple earrings worn on one ear, septum rings, and a lot of body jewelry.

It’s so rare to see black gold. Why did you decide to work with it?
We had an opportunity to play around with a new process that involves painted Black Ceramic. We chose black over any other colored metal because it creates such a stark contrast against the white diamonds. Otherwise we always go with gold, because our shop only specializes in fine jewelry.

You incorporate lots of diamonds into your designs, but rarely other stones. Why?
Diamonds are part of our family history. Our grandfather was a diamond dealer in Israel over 50 years ago, and our father opened a family-owned manufacturing house over 30 years ago. We were lucky to have access to high quality diamonds, so we stuck with them. We’re all about experimenting; stay tuned for diamond-and-leather chokers this fall!

Carbon & Hyde jewelry is sold at Broken English, Church Boutique, Jaimie Geller Jewelry, Traffic Los Angeles, Intermix Beverly Hills, and Roseark. We’ve picked a few of our favorite pieces from the line. Happy shopping!