Kristen Stewart Accidentally Flashes Crowd While Wearing Vans and Other Random Famous Imprints at Grauman’s


Sporting a super-short  altered version of a Marios Schwab dress from the designer’s spring 2012 collection and a pair of checkered Vans, Kristen Stewart  left her hand and footprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, along with her Twilight saga co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Images instantly flooded the blogosphere, as style watchers commented on her footwear choice. She’s always wearing those Vans, so it came as no shock to me. What did come as a shock was all the panty flashing that went on due to the micro hemline of her dress. Photos are posted everywhere. (Poor girl! Did she not know that she’d have to get on her knees for the handprints? oops.) Though, so far, no one has seemed to notice, thankfully. I guess they’re busy looking at the shoes. Which I’d say makes her decision to wear them a smart move.

I went digging to see if I could find any other  celebs who wore Vans or tennis shoes  during their hand and footprint ceremony, and came across these weird (and a few unsettling) tidbits:

Groucho Marx left an imprint of his cigar

Betty Grable left an imprint of her famous “million-dollar legs

Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope left imprints of their nose.

There are three sets of barefoot prints: those of a very young Shirley Temple, Harpo Marx and Sean Connery.

Whoppie Goldberg left a braid of her hair.

Kobe Bryant was the first athlete to be have his prints immortalized (and the second non-entertainment industry person). Incidentally, and not surprisingly, he wore his basketball sneakers.

Here is the unsettling part—out of the 175 celebs who have left their mark so far, only 10 are African American and Whoopie remains the ONLY African American woman. Which is a lot more shocking than a pair of Vans prints in cement on the Boulevard.