KCET Unzipped



Last night I was a guest on KCET’s “So Cal Connected” with anchor Val Zalava and host Madeleine Brand. Before my arrival, I was sent a one sheet of what NOT to wear. The set is one big green screen—so no green or any shade approaching green, nothing shiny, nothing too busy. I picked a vintage ’60s dress that fit the criteria, and while it got lots of compliments, it did not have any place for the mic box to go.

So I had two different sound guys (not sure if that’s their correct titles) unzip the back of my dress down to my lower back IN THE STUDIO so they could hang the mic box on the back of my bra strap, then zip me up again, and then remove it. It was quite intimate. I was trying to channel a bit of Mad Men‘s Joan Holloway with that dress, but I didn’t realize how much channeling I had done until strange men were unzipping my dress while working.

Lesson learned.