Menswear Picks for Your Most Festive Solstice Week Yet

It’s officially summer, guys

In the Northern Hemisphere we recognize June Solstice as the prelude of summer. It’s the longest day of the year, a fact some celebrate by wearing flower crowns, packing a picnic of fig jam & Manchego, and drinking lavender Pisco by the gallon. Unsurprisingly, the solstice is also a quasi-holiday that has been recognized and observed by countless cultures and civilizations for centuries, with traditions that don’t deviate too heavily from the jovial rituals many of us participate in today.

Ancient Greeks marked Summer Solstice as the first day of the year and celebrated the agriculture god, Cronus. In ancient China the solstice was a time to commemorate the fertility of Earth and the yin. The Vikings, Germanic, Slavic, and Celtic Pagans welcomed summer with towering bonfires meant to strengthen the energy of the sun and dispel evil spirits. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed that Stonehenge was used by the Celtic high priests for midsummer rituals, thousands who identify as Druids still flock there every year for the solstice celebrations.

The point is, now is a time for celebrating great weather, the abundance of sunshine, and the lushness of the natural world.

Men, before you grab your chilled bottle of Les Domaines Ott and head to your solstice soirée of choice, here are a few looks to help you match any theme, from festive floral to all white.