Investment Buy: Chanel’s New “Boyfriend” Watch


Quality timepieces stand the test of, well, time, so you can get away with buying just one or two in your lifetime. When you find The One, you should love it so much that you wear it day in and day out. The ideal candidate? Something that’s simple, beautiful, and possibly a bit masculine.

Coco Chanel famously revamped women’s style by imbuing it with menswear touches (she brought trousers into the mix, for example). Boy-meets-girl style never gets old—men’s sweaters and button-downs always look effortlessly cool on women, and the same is true of men’s watches. So the House of Chanel’s new Boy.friend line of timepieces make perfect sense. It’s also flawless.

The white-and beige-gold watches are mechanically powered (but available in quartz, too), and you can even order one embellished with a few diamonds. Chic.

The watch’s design is inspired by Chanel’s first watch, called The Premier, but looks more borrowed-from-the-boys. The Boy.friend line celebrates the influence that a few particular men had on Coco Chanel, including the Duke of Westminster, who is credited with introducing her to luxury clothing. We certainly owe him something in return.