Into the Mystic: Why We’re Crystal Converts

An unexpected discovery in Topanga begat Betsy Moyer’s latest sartorial—and spiritual—obsession

I recently took a drive up PCH and into the Santa Monica mountains. I was doing some soul searching, and seeking a vast landscape or a fantasy parking spot for my vintage shasta camper. What I found was Jalan Jalan, an imports boutique with a shipping container full of Kilim rugs.

Inside I snapped this photo of a basketful of beautiful crystals. I take pictures of items as a way to satisfy the sudden impulse to buy something. Usually, it does the trick. In this case, I regret not purchasing the whole basket.

I must have come back to look at this picture 20 times before I finally hit the Internet to learn more about crystals, and what began as research project begat a mini image collection—and a new personal habit. I have hippie tendencies, but I’m not one for alternative medicines, and I’d have considered myself even less likely to be found praying to a crystal. Though I do like that they pack some mystical punch, I mostly like the geodes because they are pretty. However, my boyfriend has been ill, and while I don’t believe in spirits, I now know that you need someplace to concentrate your faith when you’re dealing with the threat of death. Little purple rocks are said to be proof of God’s design, and it’s been helping me to stare at them on my bookshelf, and wear them around my neck daily.

Now I’m anxiously awaiting my pink agate bookends to arrive in the mail, and these sick vintage amethyst lamp bases have become key players in a long game fantasy where I decorate my next, much more spacious home, the one perched on a hill overlooking a canyon where I sip coffee in a caftan, and call out to my healthy dude to join me in catching the sun set.


Betsy Moyer is a North Carolinian living in Los Angeles. Part bohemian and part fish out of water, she’s interested in what makes Angelenos unique and shares her lifestyle and fashion musings here on the Clutch. She also sings in a band, dabbles in thrifting and home décor, and blogs about blogging. Follow her daily on Instagram, Twitter, or at her blog,