Internet Style IRL: Inspired by Apple’s Jonathan Ive


If you’re a nerd like me, then lately you might be nuts over Jony Ive (Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc.). Steve Jobs once referred to him as a spiritual partner, and I can’t help but think he might be mine, too!

At WWDC 2013, his introduction to iOS7 wowed the audience with gradients and the “flattening” out of what we previously referred to as skeuomorphism, which in layman’s terms refers to how the design of iPhone apps reflect their purpose by resembling  their real life counterparts (e.g: The Notepad app resembles a yellow legal pad with a handwritten font. Think texture.)

Jony Ive tossed skeuomorphism to the side when he re-imagined iOS7 (publicly available to iPhone/iPad users Sept 10), and he looked right to rainbow loving American artist Lisa Frank for inspiration. Okay, so we don’t have any evidence to support the idea that he actually looked to Lisa Frank, but the design he unveiled sure smacks of her bleeding technicolor style.

I lost my mind (in a good way) scrolling through the Jony Ive Redesigns Things Tumblr, and now I want to bring the look into my life. Support our pending voyage into a cyber world of gradient by rocking the look, too.  Here’s how:

At home: Ease in with a DIY dip-dye treatment of your duvet or some curtains. Scrunch up your fabric lengthwise and tie on some rubber bands to keep it straight and add some texture. Soak the fabric in hot water, then add the dye.  I started a little less than half way up my fabric with diluted liquid RIT dye and worked my way down, gradually pulling section by section out of the hot water while simultaneously adding more RIT to the mixture over the course of about an hour  (until the ratio of dye to water was high). Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry completely. If you’re ambitious you can try this treatment on your walls.  

At the salon: The ombre option has been around for some time and thanks to Ive, we’d be willing to bet it won’t be going anywhere for now. For those of you that are a bit more risk-averse, a Balayage treatment will get you the sun-kissed look the beach would provide. Feeling adventurous? Look to Audrey Kitching’s “mink pink & lemonade” treatment. I just picked up some SPLAT hair chalk from my local drugstore, and I’m ready to fully explore my inner sea-punk. Do you think Jony Ive listens to Grimes?

Want more options? See additional ideas on my Jony Ive-inspired Pinterest board.


Betsy Moyer is a North Carolinian living in Los Angeles. Part bohemian and part fish out of water, she’s interested in what makes Angelenos unique and shares her lifestyle and fashion musings here on the Clutch. She also sings in a band, dabbles in thrifting and home décor, and blogs about blogging. Follow her daily on Instagram, Twitter, or at her blog,