Trust Us: It’s OK to Wear a Body Chain

You’ll never want to take these body chains off–-and you’re not supposed to

Despite their near-weightlessness, body chains can come off as being a little heavy. They look finicky, overly complex, and difficult to pull off–let alone put on. But the bum rap isn’t deserved. Body chains are actually very wearable–they’re even comfortable–and are more interesting than necklaces. Jacquie Aiche chains, which are designed and made in L.A., are meant to be worn for long stretches of time, and can stay on even while you’re sleeping. The chains can be custom fit to your body to ensure true comfort.

Body chains should be worn under your clothing and treated like an extension of a necklace. A swooping, v-neck dress becomes even sexier when paired with a chain, but they look better when they’re worn more casually, with a T-shirt. There’s a lot of room for experimentation, but our favorite body chains are made of tiny links of gold and diamonds. Many of the picks below are made in L.A.