How to Cut Perfect Denim Shorts


If we have one bone to pick with summer, it’s that so many of the season’s most iconic looks are hard to pull off—without a little know how, that is. Our “How Tos,” which we’ll post all summer long, are here to help. The next look: raw-hem, DIY denim shorts.

What You’ll Need: A pair of old jeans, a ruler, a pen, a piece of chalk, and a pair of heavy shears.

Step 1
Try on your jeans and decide what length you would like your shorts to be (note our style suggestions below). Mark the desired length with chalk. Be sure to double check that your marked length is not too short by sitting down in a chair.

Step 2
Remove your jeans and place them on flat surface. Using the ruler, measure the distance from the waistline of the jeans to your marked spot. Mark the same measurement on the other leg so that both sides will be an equal length.

Step 3
Using the ruler and a pen, draw a straight cut line on both pant legs. If you wish to cuff your shorts at the bottom instead of having a raw hem, make sure to draw your straight line an two inches longer from your marked spot.

Here is a list of three celebrity-inspired inseam suggestions:

“The Miley”
For uber short daisy dukes that show off your legs, leave a 2-inch inseam.


“The Vergara”
For a classic, less risque pair of shorts, leave a 4-inch inseam.


“The Olsen”
For  slouchy boyfriend shorts, leave an 8-inch inseam and pair the look with an oversized motercycle jacket.

Step 4
Cut the fabric down along your marked line using heavy shears.

Step 5
Wash your new shorts and tumble dry. The washing machine will help loosen up the raw hem and give your shorts a distressed look. If cuffing your shorts, cuff the bottom upwards one inch, then cuff again. 


Image courtesy Flickr/ Shop Famosa