How To: Curl Your Hair Using a Straightener


It’s always the same: the women that have straight hair want curly hair, and curly haired women want straight hair. But these completely distinct dos require two different styling tools. Many women have started using a straightener for both looks instead of buying a curler AND a hot iron for big bucks. You can form curls in any shape or size with a straightener that will stay in place while you embark on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills or a night out Downtown. Here’s how to get luscious curls in less than 20 minutes. 

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Depending on hair, 15-30 minutes

What you need: Comb, hair straightener. hair spray

Recommended brand: GHD ceramic

1. Brush out hair to detangle knots.

2. Tie top sections of hair into a bun to focus on the bottom layers first.

3. Take a half-inch section of hair. If you want them tight, spray a little bit of hair spray along the strand.

4. Take the straightener and place it on the strand about 2 to 2 ½ inches away from the scalp.

5. Slowly start gliding the straightener down your hair, twisting the barrel as you glide down. Use both of your hands to keep the barrel moving in a rotating manner.

6. If you want a loose curl, keep twisting the straightener as you run it down the strand and let the hair fall when the straightener has reached the end of the strand.

7. If you want a tight curl, when you reach the end of the strand and wind it up around the straightener like you would with a curler. Hold it in place for 3 to 5 seconds and unwind.

8. With your fingers, twist the curls in the direction you curled them with the straightener. 

9. When you have finished with the lower layer of hair, repeat with the top layers. I would recommend working with three to four layers, depending on hair thickness.

10. When you have completed all the sections wait for all the curls to cool.

11. When they have all cooled carefully separate the individual curls with a comb to create a smoother look. If you want individual, more defined curls, skip this step.

12. If some curls have flattened, re-curl and hair spray.

13. Carefully hair spray entire head.