How To Avoid Looking Like A Hot Mess: 5 Swelter Weather Beauty Tips


Triple digit temperatures in October?! The many heatwaves of this endless summer have given me plenty of opportunity to experiment with makeup under more extreme weather conditions. It was trial and error (and it wasn’t always pretty), but here are a few of my favorite finds:

1.) PRIMER. The pros always push the primer, but I just thought the step would add unnecessary time to my morning routine, so I’d skip it until I stumbled upon Dermalogica’s tinted primer with sunscreen. At the end of the day I found that my foundation stayed put longer (as the pros promised), and thanks to that vain revelation, I never leave the house without sun protection.

 2.) BLOTTING PAPER.  Use blotter paper to dab up excess oil BEFORE re-applying foundation or powder, otherwise liquid makeup will slide right off and pressed powder will become cake-y. 

3.) SEALING LIP-LINER. I discovered Mirabella’s  Perfecting Lip Liner at a launch party for the brand. It’s a clear waxy pencil that forms a barrier around your lips so no matter how much you sweat, lip color won’t bleed onto your face and people will stop asking you “why so serious?” 

4.) CHEEK STAIN. On super hot days, cream blush tended to clog pores and powder disappeared faster than friends on moving day. In wintertime, I like to use Benefit’s “Benetint” cheek stain, it gives a rosy, fresh-off-the-slopes flush and stays on forever, so I gave their “Chachatint” (a warmer mango shade) a go. I only had to apply it in the morning and it lasted all day. It also moonlights as lip stain and works just as hard.

 5.) NO SMUDGE MASCARA. The worst part about mascara smudging under your eyes is that you never know it’s happened until you head to the ladies room and catch your reflection, and wonder— “how long have I been running around looking like an extra from American Horror Story? Clinique’s Bottom Lash mascara doesn’t move until you take it off. It’s seriously clingy. 


Photograph courtesy Mirabella cosmetics