How To Actually Score Items From 3.1 Phillip Lim For Target

Some shopping secrets are too good not to share

Hearing about an upcoming designer line for Target is a little like learning about unguarded fields of diamonds on Mars—sounds amazing, if you can get to it.  Rather than give in to pre-defeat, we decided to come up with a game plan while previewing Phillip Lim’s new collection for the megastore—the high top sneakers and black tote with gold hardware (above) are too cute to let disappear into the ether. When a few desperate emails to a publicist for Target yielded frustratingly little insight about exactly when on September 15 the online shop will open (“it will be in the early morning”) or which local stores will be carrying the line, we pressed the only friend we know to have scored a cart full of Missoni goods when the Italian fashion house partnered with Target back in 2011—hard—for her hack. Here are three insider tips that she gave up:

Start Online
Online is where I got the biggest variety. Target only releases certain items to certain stores, but everything is available online. I literally checked the site all night long, thinking maybe the collection would be on sale at midnight in New York (that wasn’t the case) and then kept hitting refresh on my computer until it finally was. I think it ended up going live around 3 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Be Ready To Buy
Having an item in your online cart does not guarantee it is available. Once you can shop, you need to buy things quickly, so put them in your cart and check out fast. I made the mistake of putting a lot in my cart and then shopping a while longer, and when I went to checkout the items were sold out. I learned to put like 5-10 things in, check out, and then do it again.

Think Like a Merchant, Not a Shopper
One friend went to the store in West Hollywood and waited in line before it opened. She got some good stuff, but not a lot. Her method: grab everything you can and then offer to trade with other shoppers for what you really want. It worked.