House of DVF Season Finale: And the Winner Is …

Diane von Furstenberg throws a bash for the season finale of her fashionable reality show

And the winner is … Brittany! Diane von Furstenberg threw a season finale party and screening last night during all the cheerful holiday chaos at The Pacific Theaters at The Grove. After Brittany Hampton won the one-year contract with DVF, von Furstenberg and DVF’s new Global Brand Ambassador walked down the steps into the Pacific Theatres to thunderous applause for a Q&A with Fashion Police’s Brad Goreski that included Jessica Joffe and Stefani Greenfield from the show. It was down to Brittany Hampton and Amanda Schauer after immensely confident Kier Mellour abruptly got the boot (stiletto?) in last night’s episode. Then von Furstenberg choose between the two finalists (Amanda and Brittany) who have been doing tasks for the brand in the hopes of landing a spot with the fashion house. I caught up with the designer in her new store at The Grove after the screening.

“I love that magical moment when girls are at the beginning their lives” von Furstenberg said about the eight young women a who competed on the show. “There’s something magical, and I love that. People say, ‘Oh my god, these girls are this and these girls are that and the millennials are here,’ For some reason I don’t really feel that way. I can identify, I remember how it was.”

As more and more press and well-wishers swarmed, I asked von Furstenberg if she would ever do reality television again. I liked the show because DVF (even 10-year-olds at the party called her that) was utterly herself in it and the tasks given to the girls were real ones—from working a retail sales floor to trying to keep backstage organized for a rehearsal of a DVF fashion show during New York Fashion Week. House of DVF also managed to slide a girl-power-type message in each episode, which was refreshing. In the end she really ended up giving three woman jobs (Including Brittany – whose first job as Global Brand Ambassador was last night’s party, she said).

So, will there be another season of House of DVF? “We’ll see….we’ll see,” was the Original Global Brand Ambassador’s answer.