H&M Makes an Oscars Entrance on Helen Hunt


Navy may have been the red carpet color of the season, but Helen Hunt’s take on it was totally green—and from H&M. There’s a name we don’t often see alongside the likes of Prada and Armani.

The best supporting actress nominee opted out of the high-end couturiers in favor of the accessible retailer in support of the eco-conscious initiative it recently launched with environmental group Global Green. H&M partnered with the group to launch a global garment-recycling initiative to tackle textile waste, allowing customers to exchange a bag of used clothing from any brand in exchange for 15% off on their next H&M purchase.

But this gown wasn’t just pulled off the rack. The midnight blue dress was custom-designed for the event and won’t be available in stores, but the label promises dresses in a similar style will be sold as part of their Conscious collection.

She topped off the look with $700,000 in Martin Katz jewels in what may be the greatest mix of high and low in Oscars history, but Hunt was proof that we don’t need a celebrity-sized paycheck to look like a million bucks.